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The document of electric heating
The calculation for heating power under the ideal condition:
 Wattage for system opening:
Wattage for system working:
Quantity of heat dissipation for heating system
Meaning of symbol for ceremony:
P Wattage:kW
Q Quantity of heat dissipation : Tube W/m;PlaneW/m2
m1 Medium Weight:kg
c1 Medium specific heat: kcal/kg℃
m2 Container weight: kg
c2 Container specific heat: kcal/kg℃
m3 Adding the weight and flux for medium per hour: kg/h
c3 Medium specific heat: kcal/kg℃
△T Temp. defference between the medium and environment or temperature rise:℃
h Heating hours:h
λ Heating quotiety for heat-insulating material:W/mk
δ Thickness for heat-insulating material:mm
d Tube outer Dia.:mm
L Tube Length:m
S Area for heat dissipation:m2

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