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ATBC(L)Temperature control Junction-box

Made of buildup plastic or casting aluminium
High Strength and Rigidity
Protective Degree:IP56
Three hole for lines come in
Fitting for Explosion-proof zone 2, Class Ⅰ,Ⅱ
The Temperature Range
Microswtich capacity:  22A
Min Fluctuation :5.6℃

It is used for the connection for a contact of temperature swtich with 1~2 sets heating cable  , or directly in series with control loop . It controls the system with the contactors or other executing components.

Metal pipe strap kit attachments

Stainless Steel
Fixing all kinds of cable accessories on the tube.

Fiberglas tape cable attachments

Fixing the cable along with the tube Dia per 0.4~0.8m. At the place of elbow or tube supporting, the fix can be more tightness.
Reference length: 20m per volume.

Aluminium tape cable attachments

Fixing the electric heating cable on the tube, and enlarge the surface of dispelling heat
The using length is 1.2 times of the electric heating cable.
Reference length: 20m per volume.

Caution label

It is glued to heating tube or tank, indicating the  heat tracing cable or the location of the power, avoiding the un-necessary damage for mistaken.

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