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Temperature control system
Control modes
On Off:This control is the process that while the temperature is higher than enactment temperature, the heater put off, vice versa. So the temperature is always at some scope. See the picture, this control mode is simple and reliable. Usually used for heating occasion of the conduction and convection.

Proportional:The proportional band is ±10℃ usually. While the temperature is lower the proportional band, heater working is expire power, and the temperature is higher than the proportional band, heater is put off. At the range of the proportional band, the power for heater is lower while the temperature is high, and finally level off a point. See the picture, proportional control can eliminate the temperature fluctuating of "on/off" control. But the point can change while the heater system various. See the picture. So it is necessary to compensate the point by hands for intially startuping the heating system. In order to control precision, proportional controls usually aren’t used at the  occasion where the load fluctuation is big.

PID(Proportional,Integral and Derivative)PID control is adding the  integral and derivative control based on proportional control. After correctly setting PID parameter (also can auto setting), it can reduce or eliminate the temperature fluctuate and windage for the startupping, and quickly stabilizing at the  setpoint, see the picture. PID control is usually used for the occasion, which need the exact control temperature and big load fluctuation.

Cluster control:Above control is hard to maintain at a setpoint while the load change is big. In order to achieve this purpose, we may add one or more sensors, and which can survey the changes of load while the temperature is unchanged, and the system can adjust the power and keep the temperature stability in time. For example:In a flowing medium system, the PID control can adjust its power after the temperature changed, which is lagging.    In the cluster control system,we can add a flowing sensor, while the flux changed, it can adjust the power in time, which can sure the stability for the medium temperature. Also the control system can expediently connect to the DCS, and to realize the center control.

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