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The heater system of hot carrier
Conducting oil chart


















Technic Data:
1. Rated Power:  kW
2. Rated Voltage: 380V "△" Connection
3. Medium:Hot Oil
4. Max. Operation Temperature: 320℃
5. Designed temperature: 340℃
6. Operation Pressure: MPa
7. Desing Temperature: MPa
8. Motor of Circulation Bump:  kW
9. Flow:   m3/h,Raise:  m
10.Motor Ex-proof:
   dⅡBT4 ,IP Grade: IP55
11.Motor of Gear Bump:
12.Flow:   m /h,Raise:  m,Absorption process:  m
13.Heater Ex-proof: edⅡCT4  
14.IP Grade: IP54
15.Heating Elements Material: Stainless Steel
16.Vessel Material:Carbon Steel

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