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Other  heat tracing forms and methods
Snow and ice melting on pathway,Ramp,Step,High-way pavement,Airstrip,Parking,Lawn
During the winter, it is very inconvenient for people to go out,or for football game, and Airplane flying-off.  Through the heating cable at the related occasions, for example, walking street, football ground, and airplane pathway, all the snow will be melt.
Heating energy per square meter for way and stair as following:
NO. Typical area materials or forms for ground surface// Needed Heating Energy
Concrete Asphaltum Step
1 Beijing 377W/m2 431W/m2 484W/m2
2 Northeast 484W/m2 484W/m2 538W/m2
3 Qinghai xizang 377W/m2 377W/m2 434W/m2

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