Social media content comes in a variety of forms. The content can be anything. It could be in the form of video, blog, image or an infographic. The quality of the content you post on social media plays a significant role in marketing.

What you write on your tweets at Twitter can also be classified as a content. The aim of any content shall be to attract plenty to be shared by your target audiences having the aim to get helpful customers action.

If you want to write keeping Google guidelines in view, then read this post by Bill Faeth at

What Exactly Does Google Consider High Quality Marketing Content?

Written by Bill Faeth

Every 24 hours, 2 million unique blog posts are published. In light of this statistic, the quest to claim the #1 spot on Google’s search results for key terms in your industry suddenly seems harder than ever, doesn’t it?

Google’s search algorithm uses myriad different factors, known as “signals,” to determine quality of content. The factors and their relative weights are all a closely-guarded secret, but you’ll be pleased to know that content creators aren’t completely left out in the cold. It’s critical to not just acknowledge Google’s quality guidelines, but to also make them an integral part of how you approach the production of web content.

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A quality content gets customers engagement. Creating quality content makes it easy for finding fans that promote or sponsor at your end to create engagement. There is a need to focus on brands and other businesses to considerate the audiences and create content that will get more people in supporting their brand and get engaged to drive a large range of audiences.

Take a look at this post by CommPRO Global, Inc at to learn 5 simple rules:

5 Simple Rules for Creating Quality Marketing Content

CommPRO Global, Inc. Follow | Friday, 23 December 2016

Can too much of a good thing, be a bad thing?

With almost every company pursuing content marketing as a strategy to build awareness and engagement it is becoming harder and harder to be differentiated.

Today, the challenge is to be heard over the noise. Spend time on Twitter (TWTR), LinkedIn (LNKD) or your favorite social platform – the cacophony of the clamor for attention is overwhelming.

Content continues to be a powerful tool to build audiences – but strategies will have to become smarter and more focused if they are to achieve desired goals.

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It is of significance importance to keep in mind that the social sites and other businesses are troubling peoples living. So if the content that you offer is not engaging or meaningful can drive customers away and can create an undesirable effect.

Watch this video by Adam Erhart to see what such content can do for you:

At, we believe that the quantity of the content does not matter but the quality of the content plays a significant role in attracting targeted audiences.