Nowadays, people tend to be more mobile and to move more often. The times when people would grow up somewhere, get a job and settle down at the same place are long gone, and that cycle won’t stop in the future. Whether it´s a job, a school or a traveling experience, people are more fluid than ever, and their belongings must follow them everywhere they go.

Since we all need some safe place to store our precious possessions, we will have to know how to find a self-storage facility that will suit our needs the best. Experts claim that even though price and size of a unit do matter, there are several other factors that must be included.

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Customer service

The first time you get in touch with a self-storage facility, you will get an idea about how customers are treated. A good manager should be friendly, willing to answer all your questions, well organized and ready to adjust to your needs. A simple conversation will be enough for you to get the impression.

Always available

Having a storage facility manager who is living on the site is one of the best ways to make sure that the job will be done properly and the manager will take care of your possessions the best way possible. They should also be available after hours in case something goes wrong.

Pay attention to cleanliness

Cleanliness is a very important factor, and you must pay attention to it. The first place to look is the storage facility´s office, to get a brief idea about the overall cleanliness. The office should have a clean floor, to be dusted and bathrooms should be spotless. If everything looks well maintained, and storage units are also clean, you have one care less.

Pest control

A self-storage facility that takes its business seriously will have regular pest controls. Pests can do serious damage to tenant´s possessions, which is why a self-storage facility must address pest problems not just monthly, but also seasonally. Ask any self-storage facility that you´re considering about how they handle this issue and if they ever had similar problems in the past.

Ask about security

The point of storing your stuff in a storage unit is to keep them safe. You don´t want them to be stolen or damaged, so you´ll have to ask about how much security a storage facility can provide. A facility should have computerized gates, good lighting, and security cameras. Also, the presence of an on-site manager is a good addition to the overall safety. Furthermore, facilities should always ask for driver´s license and current address, in case anyone tries to rob a storage unit.

Timing is important

Your choice of a self-storage facility should only depend on your needs. For example, sometimes you won´t be sure whether you want to keep something or not, but if you store it, you’ll have to pay for it. That means that you should find a facility that´s going to be willing to provide you 24-hour storage, so you don´t end up paying too much.