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Email marketing is that type of marketing that is usually done through email. In this type of marketing a commercial message is sent to a person or a group of people. Basically this term is used for sending email messages so that the merchants or the sellers maintain good relations with the previous customers. They can also convince their customers to purchase a product.

SAL PARTOVI from has compiled this post with 4 ideas for non-profits:

4 excellent email marketing ideas for nonprofits

SAL PARTOVI – APR 21, 2016

When you think of your nonprofit organization, the first question that comes to mind probably isn’t “How am I going to raise awareness through effective email marketing strategies?” While this question may not be the most pressing, initially, there are some important reasons why it should be.

Through the email marketing efforts of your nonprofit organization, you will be able to reach more individuals, get more press, raise extra funds for your cause, attract talented board members, find volunteers that will help you grow, and, ultimately, accomplish your goals.

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Right Template:

Choose the template for your emails, such kind of templates that will represent your company’s image. If you have your company logos then do not forget to add it in your emails.

Requirements and needs:

It is very necessary for you to determine the needs and demands of your customer. In your emails you can also add discount, offers or bonuses. This will attract the customers. You can also ask your customers (through surveys) their requirements.

Nicole “Nikki” Purvy from has these 6 tips for the year 2016 quarter 2:

6 Email Marketing Ideas for Q2 2016

Posted by Nicole “Nikki” Purvy
18 Mar

So many times we see our clients struggling with with what to talk about in their email marketing campaigns. If you haven’t even thought out your email marketing strategy or how much it can help your business grow, you should.

Email marketing works. There are tons of statistics and study that prove that email is among the most effective marketing tools available. According to a 2014 study “Email is a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media — nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.” [McKinsey & Company] Another study showed that 81% of people who receive emails that personalize, based on previouse shopping behaviors and preferences are more likely to increase their purchase amount. [eMarketer]

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Take a slow start:

It is essential for the company to take a slow start. Try not to stuff things about products in your first email. Just give useful and interesting information about the product.

Social media:

You can also use different platforms for this purpose. Facebook, twitter and Linked Inn can be used to throw links of your site.

Justin Bryant has 25 tips in the following video:

Email marketing is cheaper than the traditional type.
• It provides cost effective method to examine various kind of marketing content.