Custom branded bics lighters usually come in handy for all types of uses. These amazing branded bics lighters are used to light a candle, as an emergency flashlight and it can also be used for some other purposes. Translucent bics lighters are considered as a useful product and can be used by many people.

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Custom Lighter Branding Iron

There’s a lot of cool things you can do with a lighter. You can light a cigarette, start a forest fire and even keep your glaucoma at bay. After cancer this and Smokey the bear that – plus the whole legalization issue if you don’t live on the coast – you probably have a bunch of cheap gas station Cricket lighters collecting dust in your junk drawer. No more! Shapeways has developed an old west style branding iron that fits on top of one of those Cricket lighters and gives it purpose again.

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The mark of an excellent promotional product is that it is very useful. Furthermore it is also very attractive product which is needed by a huge amount of people. Thus it provides an amazing return on your advertising investment. Different types of bics lighters fit in this description.

If you want to customize the lighter as a gift, check out this post at for ideas:

Custom BIC Lighter:
Just send over a photo and make your lighter one-of-a-kind! Custom lighters make perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or even just because.

– Choose any photo you’d like and email it to us
– Give us a couple days
– Gift or keep it for yourself! That easy!

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Some common types of branded bics lighter:

There are numerous types of bics lighters. Bic J23 is considered as an amazing example for this. The logo is printed on one side and there is also a warning label which is fixed on the other side. Additionally lighters can be shipped via ground shipping. Somehow these promotional products can be distributed through different techniques. Any business can easily take advantage from this amazing product.

Watch this DIY tutorial by Dominique Sheridan:

Bics lighters are well known lighters in the world. These lighters are available in mini, slim, maxi and electronic ranges. You can also choose a lighter with respect to the colors which include red, black, white, dark blue and others.

99 cent bics are also available in different shapes and styles.